HR Outsourcing for Cannabis

HR Outsourcing for Cannabis

Employment law can be tricky in the cannabis industry. It can be even trickier in states like California, New York, and New Jersey, We are certified in California labor law, specialized in NY and NJ, and experienced in all states. Noncompliance with employment law is one of the biggest legal pitfalls a cannabis business can face.

We provide HR services for cannabis cultivators, extraction labs, dispensaries, and everything in between. The cannabis industry is different than other industries, unique in its hardships, culture and risk, and thus it requires those who understand the challenges from employee expectations/culture to payroll and HRIS vendor issues.

At some cannabis companies, the employees have been with them for years, operating in the legacy market. Resetting the bar of acceptable behavior while maintaining the desired culture is what we do. We hash out compliance around wage & hour issues, OSHA, harassment & discrimination, productivity, and state & federal regulations while focusing on employee engagement.

We can create HR infrastructure for new and existing businesses, be your go to expert to call when you have a question, help your current HR team, provide interim HR support, or be your entire HR department.


Why Outsource HR?

Outsourcing minimizes cost, reduces risk, and provides a fresh look and strategy into your business. It does this by reducing the cost a business spends to hire an HR expert on staff, and it saves businesses with current staff HR specialists from spending their precious time on administrative tasks.

HR outsourcing can be used as your entire HR department, or it can be used as an assistant to your current HR department. This is why DopeHR provides tiered pricing, to fit your unique business situation and goals. Proactively protecting your business and helping you achieve your goals while adhering to your mission and values is paramount for our HR business strategists.

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