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Native American Heritage Month

native American heritage month

National Native American Heritage Month takes place in November for the purpose of recognizing and appreciating the culture, history, accomplishments, and innovations made by Indigenous Americans and Native Alaskans. Tribal history in the US is American history. Indigenous people have influenced our culture from the crops we grow (where would we be without potatoes??), to […]

Fair Chance Act Updates FEDERAL

federal fair chance act

Final Regulations on Federal Fair Chance to Compete Act The Fair Chance Act, which defines when a hiring entity can request certain information from an applicant, was finalized by the Office of Personnel Management and became effective on 10/03/2023. Under this law, federal agencies and contractors cannot inquire about the criminal background of job-seekers before […]

Hispanic Heritage Month

hispanic heritage month

With its roots in ate ‘60s California at the height of the Civil Rights movement, Hispanic Heritage month commemorates the independence of several Latin American nations from Spain and now runs from September 15th through October 15th. There are few, if any, aspects of American culture and history that are untouched by the valuable contributions […]

Updated Requirements for Freelancer and Independent Contractors in LA

Requirements for Freelancer and Independent Contractors

Beginning July 1st, the city of Los Angeles introduced additional legislation to California’s already-strict rules for hiring and utilizing independent contractors or freelancers. The Los Angeles Freelance Worker Protections Ordinance, which aims to safeguard these workers from pay malpractice, including delayed payment, non-payment, and underpayment, applies to and LA-based businesses or entities hiring independent contractors […]


august women's month

August 22 – American Business Women’s Day Founded in 1949, the American Business Women’s Association set out on its mission to unite women in business across the nation in diverse industries, roles and occupations, increase the opportunities available to them, and enrich their lives personally and professionally. Officially recognized as a holiday by President Ronald […]


POWR Act colorado employers

The Protecting Opportunities and Workers’ Rights Act (POWR Act), effective from June, has several impacts on employee rights in Colorado. It restricts companies from using non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) signed on or after August 7th, especially related to workplace discrimination reporting. To be compliant under POWR, NDAs must cover both parties, clarify that exposing discrimination isn’t […]

Common HR Mistakes in the Cannabis Industry

Within the cannabis industry, simple mistakes made by HR can greatly affect the organization. Businesses can potentially face enormous costs from the results of such mistakes; anywhere from the cost of employee turnover to more serious repercussions like legal costs for failing to comply with federal and state laws. Six of the most common HR […]

California Cannabis Wage and Hour Classification

Running a Cannabis business in California can be tricky! Particularly so when it comes to wage & hour and employee classifications.  Wage Orders Although employees in cannabis cultivation may be working in a defined agricultural occupation for an agricultural employer, the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”) specifically states that those employees […]

Payroll and the Cannabis Industry in California

I recently had a business owner tell me he stopped using his payroll processing company and was paying his employees in cash, without deducting and paying payroll taxes. Banking and cash issues left the company with limited ability to find an easy way to pay and process payroll. Their solution? Pay cash and deal with […]

California Cannabis Update for Cannabis Employers

2022 has been the year of Cannabis Legislation, with a significant number of cannabis bills proposed in California Legislature. So far this year, lawmakers have introduced bills addressing everything from what cannabis packaging must look like and where cannabis products can be sold, to changes to state licensing regarding cannabis and cannabis tax credits. We are here to give you the most up-to-date information regarding what important legislature your businesses should watch out for regarding California cannabis!