Native American Heritage Month

National Native American Heritage Month takes place in November for the purpose of recognizing and appreciating the culture, history, accomplishments, and innovations made by Indigenous Americans and Native Alaskans.

Tribal history in the US is American history.

Indigenous people have influenced our culture from the crops we grow (where would we be without potatoes??), to our language, to the US Constitution! Today, there are over 500 federally recognized tribes and over 50 million acres of tribal land in the US. In fact, California is the most linguistically diverse state in the nation with almost 100 different Native American languages!

Here are some ways to celebrate the incredible legacy of Indigenous Americans and connect with the rich cultural history that continues to shape our country

Watch, read about, or listen to the history of indigenous people through their eyes

Research produce or foods that are native to the US and central to indigenous cultures and craft your next meal to feature them!

Get back to nature by visiting a state or national park that is connected to indigenous history. Many have onsite museums or learning centers for additional information!

Check out art, music, and other entertainment from past and current indigenous artists

What influences did you notice in your own life that originated with Indigenous Americans?

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